Client Result

RNA-based Oncology Biomarker Market Landscape

Project Overview

A cancer diagnostics company wanted to understand the current and future landscape for RNA-based oncology biomarkers, focusing on gene expression profiling (GEP) and rearrangements across medical settings

DeciBio Approach

Secondary Research

  • Conducted de-novo analysis of rearrangements and GEP biomarkers, technologies, and indications from publications / abstracts 
  • Extracted rearrangement and GEP biomarker data from clinical trials and profiled commercial rearrangement / gene expression assays;
  • Tiered biomarkers into low, mid, and high priority based on overall presence and inclusion in guidelines, publications, and clinical trials

‍Primary Research

  • Conducted telephone interviews with oncologists, hematologists,  pathologists, laboratory directors, pharma experts, and technology KOLs to gather insights about current RNA biomarker use, vendor perceptions, selection criteria, and future trends
  • Interviews were split evenly between rearrangement and GEP focus and represented community hospitals, academic medical centers, pharma, and diagnostics

At a glance
Stakeholder Interviews
Clinical Trials Analyzed
Commercial Rearrangement / GEP Assays Profiled

DeciBio delivered an in-person presentation to a client team, with the results of the analysis synthesized for understanding current patterns and future trends in RNA-based oncology biomarkers

DeciBio delivered Excel databases of findings and analyses of: 

  • Rearrangement / GEP biomarker data from clinical trials
  • Rearrangement and GEP genes / signatures from commercial assays
  • Commercial rearrangement and GEP assay profiles, including technology, plex, interviewee satisfaction scores, and competitive differentiation


5 weeks

Geographic Scope



Clinical Diagnostics


Voice-Of-Customer Research

Competitive Analysis

Biomarker and Diagnostic Strategy

Customer Segmentation

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