Client Result

Carrier Screening Landscape Assessment

Project Overview

A leading diagnostics player wanted an assessment of the current and future carrier screening landscape, primarily in the U.S., to guide their product development strategy

DeciBio Approach
Secondary Research
  • Reviewed company financial information (e.g., 10-K, 10-Q, earnings call transcripts, company presentations, and press releases) for all publicly-traded companies participating in the carrier screening space
  • Gathered data around annual birth rates and relative carrier screening utilization by region as basis for the global market model
  • Reviewed product specifications of competing vendors to understand menu offerings, test prices and technological approaches 
‍Primary Research
  • Conducted 25 in-depth stakeholder interviews with HCPs (OBGYNs and MFMs), Genetic Counselors, test vendors and reimbursement specialists in multiple settings across the U.S., Canada and the EU-5
Quantitative Analysis
  • Built a “bottoms-up” model to estimate the global carrier screening service market, including: 
  • Global market size estimates from 2017 to 2027
  • Segmentation by geography, test menu, testing location, tech type, test technology, competitor and price

At a glance
Stakeholder Interviews
Competitors Reviewed
Countries Researched and Modelled

Key takeaways from DeciBio’s presentation to the client team included:

  • Characterization of the carrier screening testing process, including test ordering decision, vendor selection, requisition procedure and reimbursement policies
  • Identification of areas of opportunity within the saturated carrier screening market, including bundling with NIPT
  • Walk-through of global market model and adjustable assumptions


5 weeks

Geographic Scope



Clinical Diagnostics


Voice-Of-Customer Research

Addressable Market Sizing

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