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A research tools start-up enlisted DeciBio to support their go-to-market strategy and activities for their novel sequencing technology by conducting pricing voice-of-customer research and evaluating potential pricing strategies

Our Approach

Secondary Research
  • Supplemented stakeholder interviews with secondary research from publicly available sources including press releases and investor reports to understand the current market landscape,
  • Conducted a competitive analysis evaluating comparable products and their pricing models
‍Primary Research
  • Conducted telephone interviews with researchers and clinicians experienced in high sensitivity and accuracy sequencing to evaluate VOC feedback on the company’s offering, including willingness to pay
  • Interviewees were split across institution types (e.g., academic, biopharma, clinical / hospitals, service providers), and applications with a focus on oncology and genotoxicity testing
  • DeciBio worked with the client to create an in-depth product profile to discuss with interviewees, which included publication results and product specifications


DeciBio delivered an in-person presentation to a client team, with the results of the analysis synthesized for understanding the current high-sensitivity NGS landscape and recommended pricing strategies

Key takeaways included:

  • Current unmet needs in the high sensitivity sequencing customer experience
  • Drivers and moderators of customer willingness to pay
  • Pricing models and strategies employed by other sequencing and library prep manufacturers
  • In depth evaluation of various potential pricing strategies and a recommendation for go-to-market strategy

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