Client Result

NIPT Market Landscape and Strategy

Project Overview

A large multi-national diagnostic company was interested in understanding the market landscape and potential strategy for the decentralization of NIPT in the U.S.

DeciBio Approach

Secondary Research

  • Determined key drivers and barriers affecting stakeholder adoption of in-house NIPT testing based on lab type, hospital size, and rates of prenatal care
  • Analyzed stakeholder feedback on three potential test profiles to determine strengths and weaknesses of test specifications, workflow, and technology
  • Outlined customer profiles of stakeholders more likely to favor certain testing profiles and recommended tactics to drive adoption within these groups

‍Primary Research

  • Assessed existing knowledge base of stakeholders regarding prenatal testing paradigms, including gaps in knowledge that limit current attractiveness of in-house testing
  • Interviewees included lab personnel working across reference labs and hospital labs who conduct in-house women’s health molecular testing

At a glance
Stakeholder Interviews
Test Specifications Assessed
Product Profiles Evaluated

DeciBio shared research findings with the client, key takeaways included:

  • Likelihood of adoption of in-house NIPT tests based on lab type and potential avenues to drive adoption in current testing paradigm
  • Quantitative feedback on potential testing solutions and recommendations for improvements to increase test competitiveness

6 weeks

Geographic Scope



Clinical Diagnostics


Voice-Of-Customer Research

Biomarker and Diagnostic Strategy

Competitive Analysis

Customer Segmentation

Go-to-Market Strategy

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