Client Result

Pre-due Diligence Research on a Potential Acquisition Target

Project Overview

A multi-billion dollar life science company needed pre diligence on a potential acquisition target

DeciBio Approach

Secondary Research

  • Conducted telephone interviews with researchers, and technology KOLs to gather insights on market dynamics including: value proposition, competitive differentiation, positioning and sustainability of advantage

Primary Research

  • Conducted comprehensive analysis of company portfolio and competitive landscape
  • Identified core competencies, key customers, and use cases of key products and service

Quantitative Analysis

  • Built two comprehensive market models
  • Sizing direct (3) and adjacent (2) markets
  • Projecting target growth potential
At a glance
Stakeholder Interviews
Deep Dive Technology Comparisons
Deep Dive Company Profiles

Potential target identified as having clear value proposition and a sustainable advantage (3+ years) for a sub-segment of the market with a $100M+ revenue potential


Geographic Scope


Research Tools


Competitive Analysis

Addressable Market Sizing

Due Diligence

Target Identification

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