Clinical, Genomic, and Pathology Real-World Data (RWD) Market Landscape Assessment

Pharma & Biotech
Stakeholders Interviewed
Potential/New RWD Offerings Evaluated
Growth Strategies Provided
Project Details
Voice-of-Customer Research
Pricing Strategy
Competitive Analysis


A real-world data (RWD) provider wanted to identify key use cases, unmet needs, and future opportunities in the RWD market, with a particular focus on clinical, genomic, and pathology RWD and biopharma users.

Our Approach

Secondary Research

  • Compiled information on the offerings of the top 10 RWD players; gathered competitive landscape data regarding collaborations between biopharma and RWD providers; analyzed FDA guidelines regarding the use of RWD in regulatory submissions

Primary Research

  • Conducted 20 in-depth interviews with senior-level stakeholders from small, medium, and large U.S. oncology-focused biopharma; capturing perspectives on RWD utility across the drug development pipeline (i.e., Discovery, Translational, Clinical Development, Med Affairs, RWE / HEOR).

Quantitative Analysis

  • Projected competitor market share and overall RWD market penetration based on interviewee examples of RWD acquisitions; calculated the average per project/per license spend and annual RWD budgets by biopharma size, estimated growth trajectories of RWD split by cancer type and data acquisition/pricing model.



  • established a “fact base” regarding the primary use cases, users, and unmet needs of clinical, genomic, and pathology RWD
  • captured “voice-of-customer” feedback in an organic / blinded fashion to advice client on key offering additions and adjustments.
  • semi-quantitatively assessed the RWD market size, penetration, and growth rate and provided splits based on data acquisition/pricing model.
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